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Knowledge visualises and facilitates retrieval of guidance, terms and documentation.

Here are some quick guides and video tutorials to help get you started



Use the class filters – the drop-down list under “Any” – and, if necessary, the Search bar to reduce the number of results.  Click the red save icon and complete the form. When you need to find the content again, click on the down arrow next to the Select Saved Search bar and select the name of the search.

Yes. Save a search and when you complete the online form, you can add comments and a link to other resources.  When you want to see your comments, click on the red Edit search button, using the Navigate to above Link button to gain access to your other resources.

The horizontal arrow indicates that the Topic is a heading which has more detailed Topics under it.  Continue browsing until you find Topics without a horizontal arrow, which indicates that content is related to that Topic.

Knowledge is a framework of pre-defined concepts that enables users to record and visualise information about contracts and to automate rules or suggestions that are considered to be suitable for a particular activity or job.  Information that represents different parts of a subject area or which are linked in another way can be associated with each other through topics.

The models created using Knowledge can be browsed and searched.  There is no limit to the information that can be modelled nor the degree of detail in a model; for instance, you may want to represent several contracts that you have concluded or create a repository of the clauses or precedent contracts that you use regularly.   Similarly, you may want to provide users with access to a playbook on a matter or guide users to relevant documents.