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Precedents automates the production of contracts and other template documents according to clear questions and answers.

Here are some quick guides and video tutorials to help get you started



Your Precedent can be updated as much and as often as you like. You can upload a new version of the template on the ‘Template’ tab by clicking on the edit icon and uploading the file and clicking ‘update’. You can also amend, delete, or create questions for an existing template on the ‘Questionnaire’ tab. You can amend questions by clicking on the edit icon, delete questions using the trash icon and add new questions by using the green ‘Add Questions’ button in the top left-hand corner.

Yes, in the ‘Action’ column in the ‘Template’ tab, there is a ‘copy link’ icon which, when clicked, automatically copies the URL and allows other users to view a Precedent you have created. 

No, you can include as many or as few questions as you like in a template. The number of questions may vary depending on how much variable text there is in the document you are using.