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Doc-Tracker is a workflow tool to manage documents. A dashboard shows performance against the agreed times for completion and individual case files contain important information about the document.

Here are some quick guides and video tutorials to help you get started



Click on the case you want. You will see the URL in the browser. Copy the link and paste it in the desired location.

Go to the pie chart on the Dashboard. Click on the red rectangle which is captioned ‘Documents delivered late’ to check which case has been marked as late.

Go to the ‘Case’ tab and find the relevant case.

Edit the case and change the ‘Priority’ dropdown to ‘Other’, then change the ‘Delivery Date & Time’ dropdown to any date and time later than now, change the Status to ‘Complete’ and click ‘Save’.

There are several ways to find the case you’re looking for. If you click on the dropdown of the ‘Search’ box at the top of the Case page, you can search for the case using a variety of different methods, for example, by Reference, Client name or whether the document is signed. This will filter your search results to make finding a case quicker. The search box is not case sensitive.